HR=Humans Represent: Mind, Body, and Soul

So far you’ve done everything right in your job search. You’ve been pretty busy and working hard at it trying out a few of my suggestions :

· Tidying up loose ends (professional email address, using latest technology-basically doing your homework)

· Social Networking to reach out to others

· Remembering to include offline opportunities as well when seeing out jobs

· Jazzing up your cover letter

· Implemeting a unique method to get people to take an interest in you and what you can do

And now, you landed the big job interview – great! You’re pretty much ready to go the next step, but I caution you to consider three things that you should take with you to your job interview. How is your mind, body, and soul? Some quick preparation may be in order:

You’ve done your homework, and are pretty much set for the interview. You know what to say, what to ask, and where to go. You also know that you should follow-up after the interview. You know that you’ve got to be on your best behavior. These are all pretty much a given.

BODY. It’s more than what you look like, or how you dress. It’s your “non-verbal” that I’m talking about…body language! Are you aware of your non-verbal behaviors? Pay attention to them, as they may make or break the job interview. The biggest body language mistakes that hiring managers indicate? 67% say it’s a failure to make eye contact, 35% say it’s the absent smile, and 33% indicate it’s fidgeting too much. Other body language mistakes include bad posture (33%), a week handshake (26%), crossing arms over their chest (21%), playing with their hair or touching face (21%), and using too many hand gestures (9%). This is according to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,500 hiring managers.

SOUL. Your psyched about the job, but nervous about the job interview. Sounds pretty normal. A positive attitude is a must (to go along with your confident dress)! This interview is what you’ve been working towards. This is what you’ve been waiting for after all, and you’re on the right track! Are you saying to yourself “I think I can, I think I can”? Instead of quoting The Little Engine That Could, why not think like Dr. Seuss: “And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three quarters percent guaranteed”!

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