I Left My Blackberry at Home

I’m in the car this morning headed for work digging the garage rock channel on Sirius radio (no charge for the plug Sirius) and I realize I left my Blackberry at home. Fudge. Now what? Sort of at the halfway point, you know where turning around is just going to be enough of a detour to really be time wasted. I decide I can do this…I will tackle my day without my Blackberry.

Fast forward and its mid-afternoon. I can’t say there’s been a significant personal productivity loss, although having to reset my desk phone so it would not forward calls to my Blackberry was a pain. However, I don’t think you can discount the potential negative impact on the productivity of those I serve and/or interact with. Coping with a one day inconvenience is manageable as far as personal task accomplishment, but one of the primary benefit others get from my mobility is rapid response.

So I apologize for the tardy reply to emails, missed tweets, and unanswered calls today. But what I’m really bummed about is not getting to check in on Foursquare at lunch. Could cost me a Mayorship.

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