Karaoke at SxSW 2010

Last year I attended the first year of Happy Cog’aoke at SxSW in Austin, Texas.

This year I want to compete.

So I need your help… only the top 15 get into competition. So how can I get you to help.

I need you to vote for me 1x day, everday, for the next 10 days.

As the sole entry from the GovLoop community, one of the few Government related attendees and self proclaimed certified Karaoketologist I will dye my hair GOVLOOP COLORS if I am selected to perform — with help from the GovLoop community.

What do you say? Help a GovGothGeek live out a dream?

Vote for me now. 1x day. Everyday. For 10 days.


You don’t need to register, just vote for me. Videos and pictures will be uploaded if I am chosen to compete.

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Joey Seich

Just voted, that’s really cool. I actually didn’t know DC had a Social Media Club, I just signed up for the “Leveraging Online Relationships” event next week, it sounds pretty neat!

Andrea Baker

Joey, I am very happy to have connected you to Social Media Club – DC. Hope your first event is fun and I look forward to seeing you at future events. Also to note, Social Media Club now offers monthly breakfasts too. Check out our blog – http://smcdc.wordpress.com

And thank you for the vote.