IAP2 BC Chapter Spring Symposium: Making the Business Case for Public Participation

It’s great to see the IAP2 Affiliates form in the US and Canada. IAP2 USA, where I serve on the Board, is making great progress, and Canada is only a few weeks behind us it seems.

Anyway, I would love to go up to Vancouver for this one:

IAP2 BC Chapter Spring Symposium
May 19, 2011
The Listel Hotel
1300 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Making the Business Case for Public Participation

Symposium Overview

More than ever government and business decision-makers are critically weighing the value of each business tool they employ / fund. While the discipline of public consultation has earned a legitimate spot as a practice: its strategic value is often challenged; its use viewed as a required administrational “check-list”; and its associated opportunity is often watered down or never realized.

How do we as practitioners ensure that public consultation is used as a valuable and strategic business tool that is sustainably aligned with existing practises, and integrated into how an organization conducts itself and its “business?” This full-day discussion will consider how public consultation can be better stitched into organizational and project paradigms and become viewed by leaders and decision-makers as a valuable strategic asset that delivers a positive / acceptable return on an organization’s investment (money, time, reputation, & outcome).

The agenda is available for download (PDF).

It’s as if someone had read my tweet from last October:

Intellitics tweet ROI conference

Let’s hope they capture a lot of it and share it on the web.

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