Recruitment 411: Linking Applicants with Jobs

LinkedIn has been on our radar for a while. Several of our staff members have accounts on the popular professional networking site, so it was only a matter of time before it became part of our toolbox. When we started using LinkedIn as a recruitment resource, we knew it would be an asset, but we had no idea it would be a networking goldmine.

LinkedIn allows us to tap into a whole new pool of potential applicants – people we might not have met at a run-of-the-mill job fair.

Like any handyman beginning a project, we tinkered around before we brought out the power tools. Our recruiters experimented with joining groups and using their personal networks to promote different jobs, and we quickly learned what a receptive group LinkedIn members can be.

We use the LinkedIn Recruiter tool, which is basically the power drill for recruitment. It allows us to search all LinkedIn user profiles for people with very specific backgrounds, education and qualifications. The same goes for tools like Monster Power Résumé Search.

While we could use these tools for general searches, their real value is in helping us dig deeper to find candidates with the specialized skills and experience some of our jobs demand. Say we need to find an accountant who knows all about the forestry industry and lives in Oregon, or a former high school teacher with experience as a CPA who lives in Peoria and speaks Spanish. No worries, we could find that one person who fits the bill, and contact them directly.

Sometimes job seekers even do double duty as recruiters! Recently, we sent a message to a potential applicant for a highly specialized position. The recipient responded saying he wasn’t looking for work, but surprised us by recommending a colleague who he touted as “the best in the business.” This referral process increased our outreach for a very difficult to fill position.

With the help of these targeted search tools and a few keywords it is becoming easier and easier to pair the perfect candidate with the perfect job. In short, hard-to-fill positions are no longer hard to fill.

What tool is best for connecting with your audience?

Recruitment 411 is the official blog of the IRS Recruitment Office.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Julie – Interesting concept…can you use GovLoop in the same way? If so (or if you try it), I’d love to hear about your experience – good and bad!

Chris IRS Recruiter

Thanks Andy! I’m hoping as our profile grows on GovLoop, that we’ll be able to use it in a similar way. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.