IAP2 North America Conference 2012 Call for Proposals

This just in via the IAP2 Canada newsletter:

IAP2 North America Conference 2012 – Call for Proposals

Welcome to the 2012 North American IAP2 Conference! We are extremely excited to be working with our partner organization IAP2 USA to bring you this event and hope you can join us September 30 – October 2, 2012 in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

You’re Invited
This call for proposals is for interested individuals, groups or organizations to present and share their insights and expertise in the P2 field. Our team was inspired by the idea of P2 equally involving the head, heart and hands and through our conference themes hope to explore how each of these play an integral role in expansion and growth of public participation. We aim to involve researchers, stakeholders, academics, community members, decision-makers, practitioners and others to build together a diverse audience thereby truly getting a 360 perspective.

The conference sub-themes are “Stimulate, Motivate, Participate”.

Proposals are due March 23, 2012. You can download the full call for proposals on their website: IAP2 North America Conference 2012 – The Power of Participation: A 360 Perspective (PDF)

For comments, please head over to their blog.

I recently joined IAP2 Canada as a member and hope very much that Intellitics can make it out to Halifax this Fall.

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