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Ideas of the week

One wonderful idea submitted for Developing Solutions Camp is ‘Feeling Local’. The idea is to aggregate news feeds from social media for a given geographical area and analyse the sentiments to determine whether the prevailing mood for that area is happy or sad.

How best to use it

The originator of the idea is confident that it is technically feasible, but he may need some assistance to figure out which challenge it will address; ‘help people help each other in your neighbourhood’, or ‘Make it easier for you to report issues to your council’, and also whether it will use Open311 or OS Open Data.

Have a look at the idea here https://dotgovlabs.direct.gov.uk/Page/ViewIdea?ideaid=3386

And decide if you could help develop or design a prototype for the idea and a useful application for it.

Community Vehicles

‘Community Vehicle Booking and Vehicle Tracking’ is a scheme for facilitating the use of pool cars for a local community. Clearly it would help people help each other in terms of sharing resources and the owner of this idea suggests there is a certain amount of political support for it. There is a test site already,

Could you help to refine this prototype during our developer day? Perhaps there is a business model to be forged from this idea.


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