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Importance of two way Communication(s) and Web 2.0

Yes it is a rather dated story “The firing of Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod”

but with the release of USDA and other executive departments emails it certainly would have been, at least somewhat, less painful if everyone involved in the process had taken the time to communicate. Can’t believe that the world would have stopped if the process had taken even an additional 24 hours.

Looking at the story of the emails what I saw was no desire to communicate. but a process of seeing who could impress the management chain the most.

I wonder how long it will take for the “supposed” lessons learned to work it way down into the “trenches”. Recently some level of concern was raised over federal employees being identified while communicating with the national press without prior approval, even if the employee was NOT discussing agency specific information

I am also aware of recent serious questioning of Federal employees use of social media outlets, be it Facebook, Blogs, or Govloop without prior approval. And I am aware of federal agencies who still block access to social networking sites.

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