In This Case: Frame of Reference

Frames displayed in the Luce Foundation Center

What’s in a frame? More than a painting, as I discovered after talking to Martin Kotler, frames conservator for the American Art Museum. While standing in front of the newly-installed frames case in the Luce Foundation Center, Martin explained that frames can be hand-carved, cast using additive material, or even made of faux leather as seen in the lower left corner of this case. I also learned that the gold that I am used to seeing on early 20th-century frames can even come in variations such as pale gold, lemon gold, or silver made to look like gold. If you are interested in viewing the gilded edge of the artwork without being distracted by those pesky paintings, then come upstairs to Luce’s the 3rd-floor mezzanine and check out case 12a.

And while you’re there, walk a few feet over to our Lunder Conservation Center to watch Martin and the other conservators work with our frames and art.

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