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State Leaders: Look to Others’ Experience Before You Leap

How do we know if states (or my state) are acting efficiently with tax dollars and if programs or initiatives are working? Surprising, we know little from the states themselves. “Of course, our programs are working,” say the elected politicians! “Our programs are more effective than ever!” say the myriad of special interest groups clamoringRead… Read more »

In This Case: Frame of Reference

Frames displayed in the Luce Foundation Center What’s in a frame? More than a painting, as I discovered after talking to Martin Kotler, frames conservator for the American Art Museum. While standing in front of the newly-installed frames case in the Luce Foundation Center, Martin explained that frames can be hand-carved, cast using additive material,Read… Read more »

Medical Idol, Bartering Talent For Health Care

Affording health insurance is tough for many people. Lincoln Hospital located in Bronx, New York lets uninsured New York City artists exchange their art for medical services. Under the program, artists will earn “health credits” for every creative service they perform. In exchange they’ll be able to obtain doctor’s visits, laboratory tests, hospitalization, emergency care,Read… Read more »

“Getting my art on . . .” at Luce

Kristina Bilonick demonstrates how to silkscreen at a recent Luce Artist Talk. “Getting my art on . . .” That’s what one visitor said she liked to do when she comes to American Art’s Luce Foundation Center. On Sunday, January 29, she was in the right place. Local artist Kristina Bilonick shared her work asRead… Read more »

Stumbled Upon Treasures

The Santa Cruz Museum’s Carranza Collection I am a huge museum nerd. Well, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since I work in an art museum! I love finding small, sometimes off the beaten path, museums. While walking around Toledo, Spain last summer I came upon the Santa Cruz Museum. Much like ourRead… Read more »

5 Questions: Curator Joanna Marsh on Alexis Rockman

The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s latest exhibition is Alexis Rockman: A Fable for Tomorrow. the staff of Eye Level, American Art’s blog, sat down with the show’s curator, Joanna Marsh, to talk about the artist and his artworks. Alexis Rockman; The Pelican; 2006 Oil on wood Courtesy Elizabeth Schwartz, New York; © Alexis Rockman; PhotoRead… Read more »

Lights! Camera! Exhibition! Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

Norman Rockwell, Shadow Artist, 1920, oil on canvas, Collection of George Lucas And the Oscar goes to…Norman Rockwell? Not quite, but the beloved American illustrator and painter was well connected to the movie business. In fact, Rockwell once said, “If I hadn’t become a painter, I would have liked to have been a movie director.”Read… Read more »