Insight from the Top Federal Entrepreneurs of 2018

Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires hard work and patience. There is no genie who can magically grant wishes for business owners. However, thousands of published books and blog posts claim to reveal the recipe for becoming a successful entrepreneur. For the most part, they all touch on the same points; passion, perseverance, and positive attitude. Well, I believe it all comes down to the entrepreneur having a vision which helps them stay motivated enough to continue to execute.

As an entrepreneur, I’m often asked by aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate their business ideas. Some of their ideas are actually really great ideas. But it’s easy to come up with innovative ideas. The hard part is designing the business to support your ideas. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are famous examples of passionate people who use their business vision as the main driver of designing a successful business. If you want to turn your business vision into reality and achieve your idea of success, tap into the minds of those who have earned their stripes.

DCA Live recently shared their list of successful company founders and leading executives from the DC region (including me) for 2018. All these exceptional talents have already been honored in an event which is held on 30th May 2018. I’m honored to be nominated and spent an evening with all these great minds.

Thoughts of DCA Live Federal Entrepreneurs for 2018

When asked about their experience and vision as an entrepreneur, here is what some of the nominated entrepreneurs had to say:

Hollice Stone, President at Stone Security Engineering

“Start early, don’t wait for the perfect moment to leap. If you have an idea that refuses to go away, give it a try, following a dream can bring great joy.”

Sonia Mundra, President at Chenega Analytics

“I have worked in many different fields, including accounting, finance, program management, and operations. These jobs were a great foundation for later transitioning into a sales and marketing role. I am able to better structure sales and relate to customers, because of these earlier roles. So don’t think that those non-sales roles can’t ultimately lay the groundwork for a more entrepreneurial role later on.”

Robin Tomlin, President, and CEO at Artlin Consulting, LLC

“If I had known earlier how much fun owning my own company would be, I would have started sooner. It is extremely satisfying to see the direct impact our support has on clients and the opportunities I can provide to our employees. The freedom of being a small business owner is exhilarating and rewarding.”

Will Bauder, Vice President of Operations at Arktis Detection Systems

“One of the most significant procurement trends that we’ll see over the next year is increased spending within the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. The new budget structure will open the door for innovative and emerging technologies.

The problems are getting more complex as cyber and IT issues permeate all procurements. Requirements will be more demanding and companies will need to think creatively and collaboratively to solve problems.”

Each of these entrepreneurs has a vision for their companies and have gained the experience necessary to execute on them. If you haven’t got an opportunity to come to the event, take advantage of this list of exceptional entrepreneurs and contact them for advice. There is no shortage of good ideas but there is a shortage of people driven enough to execute on them. Good luck!

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