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Interns Incoming

This is an excerpt from my regular morning post on BeltWiki Blog from WhoRunsGov.com. Read the full post here.

Intern Incoming Summer in Washington brings thousands of interns who make the District home for a few months. With them comes the requisite how-to-live-here (without annoying the living heck out of the natives) posts and articles. I am not complaining – I’ve been bowled over three times this week by confused young’ns entering Capitol South while I exit. They need all the help we can give them.

Here are a few pieces of essential reading from various Washington publications:

“Welcome to Washington, Interns” How keep yourself from getting hungry or bored for relatively cheap, from the Post’s Going Out Gurus

“From Intern to Senior Partner: How to Get Ahead on the Hill (Chart)”: There is a certain pecking order on the Hill. Memorize the order. Attempts to circumvent are futile. From the Washingtonian via FamousDC

“Hill Internships 101″ How not to be that guy or girl, from Roll Call.

And a piece from last year that bears revisiting: “Welcome Interns”: Proper attire for interns on the Hill and elsewhere in formal work settings, from Capitol Hill Style.

Anyone else seen an article that belongs on this list? I’m combing through GovLoop blogs now.

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