iPad & Gov 2.0

Picking up on Apple’s iPad video and Steve Job’s comments about holding the internet in the palm of your hand, what should Gov 2.0 applications – how we access government data and the Gov 2.0 ‘world’ look like?

I openly admit my bias – have been around Macs since the year dot. But surely the concepts Apple is making real contain some lessons for Gov 2.0

What do you think?

Steve D

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Scott Horvath

I think the bigger question is will the tablet take hold just as strong as the iPhone has? And if it does, maybe even more so with the 2nd gen of iPads, does that mean we move away from developing for “mobile” interfaces and back to regular “desktop” resolutions? If you have a bigger screen size then you really don’t need to develop anything more than what you’re doing now unless you want to offer something more specialized like the NY Times is doing.

Vince Golubic

I’m a quantum mechanical evengelist if anyone knows me well enough. The famous quote by William Blake rang out to me when I heard Jobs say “hold the internet in the palm of your hand”. Hmm..I thought, what’s the closest thing to holding the Internet, but quantum mechanics and infinity itself.
There was a recent announcement by Peratech, maker of QTC (quantum tunneling composites), a new type of plastic used for pressure sensitive touch screens. Now, if I were Steve Jobs, and wanted to hold the internet (and infinity) in the palm of my hand…..what would I do as my next chess move?


Andrea Baker

We should think about Government Innovation irregardless of tools, its not about the tool — its about changing old think. its not about Apple vs. Microsoft or wiki vs. blog.

This is a great reason (shameless plug) to attend: The WIRe Conference — Beyond Tools: Transforming Online Intelligence

steve davies

Hi Andrea

I agree that it’s not just about the tools, but don’t think we should discount how very smart tools built on sound concepts transform work, the way we think about innovation and what we can do.