The world has its share of irresponsible people ranging from folks’ small annoying lapses to world leaders putting civilization in jeopardy. On a lesser scale than world collapse, but still very frustrating, is the example of the side swiping of our son Eddie’s car this week while it was parked in the George Mason University parking lot. No note, no insurance information, nada. There is body damage and a side mirror is gone, but fortunately the car was still drivable to get it to a service station for repairs. Accidents happen – that is why there is insurance. Even if the person was unisured, the right thing to do would be to leave contact information on the car he/she just damaged. I can only hope this person is carrying around a wee tinge of guilt for this act of irresponsibility.

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Allen Sheaprd

If we are a kindler gentler generation – then why fear being responsible?
Once again – the one thing better than a camera is an eye witness. People are often better when others are around.