Is Washington Bankrupting America?

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Srinidhi Boray

There are many such presentations based on facts…one from Prof. Elizabeth Warren needs immediate attention


Thanks Srinidhi, I would have agree with Prof. Warren that “We are moving from 3 class to a 2 class society…..long trail of underclass in constant state of debt.” Definitely an ‘eye-opener’!

Srinidhi Boray

Hi Collab by Nature 🙂 Studying these macro indicators is not system at the cusp of some major shifts ??

I don’t think material limitation has anything got to do with class. In fact people will become more intelligent and develop self determination while becoming self reliant. The artisan ability in people will become the fundamental defining factor and it will manifest dominantly. The disparities will decrease, instead of thinking class 3 to 2, it will normalize. Elitism will gradually fade, like “open university” in UK is slowly becoming popular and also seems like is economic prudences as per Prof. Warren.

People will become more spiritual and co-operative.

So, I think. May be wrong. But yet I yearn that such a thing should happen then how awesome.