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Business Travel Expected to Surge Over Next 12 Months

Your corporate travel agency can expect to be busier over the next year, if it follows the trend reported last week by Executive Travel Magazine. A survey conducted by American Airlines reveals that businesses are feeling much more optimistic about travel booking for those face-to-face business meetings, helping to drive an increase in bookings forRead… Read more »

Need a Job? Three Steps to Take Now

The fact that millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed is not news. Although we seem to be engaged in Einstein’s infamous trap of ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ Policy makers are debating how to entice businesses into hiring more people and the unemployed are angry and frustrated overRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: The Recession Recovery – Does It Exist For Women?

We all heard about the recent recession being called a “mancession” due to job cuts in male-dominated work, but as the economy slowing hits its upswing, men are recovering quicker than women as far as unemployment numbers. They say the reason for this is that women are disproportionately represented in state and local governments –Read… Read more »

Suicide Prevention and “Doing Something”

MMoldeven San Diego San Diego Comment I was getting well into being an ‘older adult’ during ‘Viet Nam’ working as a civil servant in the IG shop on a major USAF installation in central California. The facility, among its many responsibilities, was to serve as another gateway for Armed Forces to and from Southeast Asia.Read… Read more »


I am a layman in all things ‘suicide’, ‘suicide prevention’, ‘mental health,’ and variations thereof. Nevertheless, during and since the early ‘Viet Nam’ years my duties in the McClellan AFB IG (Congressionals, USAF Complaints Program, IG employee (privacy confidant), 1st level supv and comparable ‘additional duties, helped me to pick up ideas on how toRead… Read more »

Supplement to my blog of Dec 16, 2010 re suicide prevention

Supplement to my blog of Dec 16, 2010 ‘Is Suicide Prevention’ Social Networking? This posting is 1. Consistent with the suggestion [box] in Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) SPARK e-newsletter headings to pass the information along ‘to a friend.’ 2. The membership of the GovLoop organization (the addressee) has more than 30,000 members and stillRead… Read more »

Is ‘Suicide Prevention’ Social Networking?

and/or, with 11 deaths for each attempt that results in a death, Is there a role for ‘social networking’ in ‘suicide prevention? and, even with a mere ‘maybe’, get started? ~~~~~ For some years now I’ve occasionally posted items and excerpts online about ‘suicide prevention’. Some were based on my volunteer ‘hotline’ work in aRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: So What Exactly Is The Recession Good For?

Can it really be? A benefit coming out of the recession? It seems so, as the recession some claim is accelerating a change (at least in the corporate world) toward more flexible work schedules. Currently, one of five Americans works non-typical work hours (nights, weekends, rotating shifts, etc). With the recession still in force, expertsRead… Read more »