It’s Time For America To Change It’s Business Plan And Start A Revolution

This article is written in the wake of a potential Government Shut down on March 4th, and to be read by those who receive a paycheck every two weeks from your job. For those who own their own business, and do not receive a steady paycheck, and are committed to improving our economy, want to help government to do more with less, educate members of the House, and the Senate on how best to improve our economy, and increase our global competitiveness, I urge you to read this article even more carefully. This article is packed with truths that I chose to break down into a II part series.

The Middle East, and the recent public protests in both Lybia, and Egypt, prove that democracy has an appropriate place around the globe. These United States established its constitutional foundation on the principles of democracy. So while our over 200 year old democracy truly defines America to be the land of the free, the question is, are we in America any longer the home of the brave when it comes to commerce, science, technology, math, health care, or energy? We are now being put to the test, and over the next 12-18 months, this country will determine if we are brave enough to make the required changes to America’s way of doing business, and thinking about business and this must start with government. Why? Because Government is the largest buyers of goods and services in the world and the institution also is a regulating body, which means it establishes the standards by which we do business. For America, it’s time to change our business plan. And unless Democrats, Independents, Republicans, government workers, unions, and corporations, especially our banking industry and educational system commit to revising their business plans, then we here in America may be facing the start a revolution that will erupt over the next several months if not weeks. We have seen the emergence of the Tea party, and the health care debates, and now the prospects of a government shut down as just the beginning of the uprisings.

America to so many has seemed to have lost its way. Some would say that we are like a sheep without a shepherd or a ship without a sail or a compass. Others would blame the tea party, others would blame the democrats, and many of us blame the banks because Government elected to support bailing out the banks because they have proven too big to fail. Global events in just the past 30 days have however shed revelation on the reality that the American economy, and our competitive workforce is being challenged by China, Germany, Japan, and no longer holds an undisputed leadership position. In other parts of the world, the masses have exercised their power through protest, and leadership is being challenged, and defiant leadership is facing uprisings on a daily basis. Revolutions are making colossal impact world wide. So with all of this going on, what’s going on in America? Not only is America’s unemployment rate remaining at all time high levels, there are no signs of the timely changes in the way government or large business is doing business especially as it relates to small business. Government says it has dwindling resources and bureaucracy makes changes too slowly, and small businesses can not access the capital needed to compete. Is there anyone out there who can convince government and banks that they can not do business the same way, and expect different results? State governments are broke, protesters, are lining up in the streets, and we have not seen the depths of severe budget cuts in government that we are about to experience. So by now, we should be able to see a pattern that our political conscience may have begun to “lose its mind” or in defense of all of the protesting going on in America, the crisis in the American economy has created a knee jerk reaction that may be set to cause short term damage, with long term effects that will further widen the gap between the rich and the poor. This will result in the need for more government assistance. Our Part II article will address some hard hitting observations and recommendations that hopefully will drive America to become a solution based economy, with Government at the lead. It is this solution based economy that we will talk about on Monday as you take the time to reflect deeply in your personal role and willingness to be a part of Changing America’s Business Plan. In the meantime, and until Monday, we should all ask ourselves is what we are doing making a difference? A difference fast enough? And really making a sustainable difference ? Can small business begin to lead job creation, and the economic recovery, and if so when? and How? We welcome your replies, comments, and questions.

It truly is time for America to Change Its Business Plan and Start a Revolution. We started…Open Government TV.

Join us in the fight.

Keith Moore

President, CEO of KDM & Associates, LLC

and Founder, of Open Government TV


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Adriel Hampton

I think it is pretty clear that the speed of government cannot be what it has been. Our democratic and economic institutions are being crushed under the weight of legacy regulation and bureacracy built for another age.

Keith Moore

Thank you for your comments. Join us in the fight for Advancement.

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o progress.