I’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands: Mobile Internet Access, 24/7

Today, more and more people are gaining instant access to the internet on their cell phones. While this has some arguably negative effects on our culture, it does provide a lot of positives in regards to staying informed and maintaining easy communication.

Staying Informed

It’s pretty fun to browse the web from the convenience of your cell phone. If you have access to the internet on a mobile device, I’m sure you’ve found yourself online in the doctor’s office or any other generally lackluster spot. However, entertainment is only one of the great benefits mobile internet access provides. We live in a time where a world of information is literally at our fingertips.

This allows someone to search the internet for anything from breaking news to the most efficient mosquito trap and where to purchase one. World affairs and current news are funneled to us instantly through up-to-date news websites, text message alerts or even social media accounts. Products like a mosquito trap can be found through search engines, review websites or a company’s own website. One can even access the weather, recipes for a homemade dinner, current movie times at the local theatre and the capital city of Indonesia.

The best part? You can do all of this from the middle of a grocery store or sitting around the bonfire on a camping trip.

Easy Communication

Communication is also made easier with mobile internet access. Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter have mobile applications that allow registered users easy access, Facebook’s app even allows you to access the “chat” feature. There are also mobile apps for online dating websites, many mobile games allow you to connect with and compete against friends, and programs like Instagram and Pinterest are easily accessed on mobile devices.

Text messaging is also enhanced by constant mobile internet access. Now, through a text you can send a direct link to a website, download and share pictures straight from the web or have a friend check out that really great YouTube video.

Checking, receiving and sending emails are available and frequently used on mobile devices, as well. This allows for professional and personal communication on a regular or frequent basis.

It’s What You Make of It

Of course, we probably have all met someone who has 4G internet access on their mobile device but has never even opened up the browser. Having mobile internet access 24/7 is only what you make of it. You can choose to never use it or be online every second of the day; both extremes should be avoided.

Stay informed in what’s going on in the world, look up information you find interesting or find yourself in need of, keep connected with friends and family … but make sure to glance up from your phone once in a while to enjoy the world around you.

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