Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Further Reports

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued Bulletin number 1 for a Tsunami Watch at 0555 UTC 11 March 2011 for Japan much of the western and mid pacific are nearby areas. This was due to an earthquake at 0546 UTC near the east coast of the Japanese island of Honshu, Japan, then assessed at magnitude 7.9. This was expanded with bulletin 2 at 0643 UTC, with the magnitude of the earthquake

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Taro kaizu

It’s huge challenge to recover damaged area in north east Japan. We couldn’t use cell phone, but twitter works!

Allen Sheaprd

Japan is one of the more prepared countries. California does a year “The great shake out” drill but only 1 in 5 show up.

Great training on how to be a victum. Yes that sounds stupid but a good victum helps those helping them. They are also less scared for they know what will happen.

The most interesting one I was ever on was a buss explosion. One of hte other people had a secondary bomb (fake cardboard tubes painted red) strapped to them and tried getting to the police or fire men. Very good exercise.