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All PR Is Good PR Except This

It happened one day while I was Googling myself. “She is a sociopath,” or something like that. “Good luck if you have to deal with her.” A comment, online, that referred to me. You are thinking I brushed that comment off, right? Like I’m so cool, and practiced, and nothing bothers me. Hell no! ItRead… Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki and JWoww are NOT coming to my city. Should I be sad about it?

My little town of Hoboken, NJ–birthplace of Frank Sinatra–already has a reality TV star–Buddy of “Cake Boss” fame. And we might have had two more–JWoww and Snooki of “Jersey Shore”–had our mayor Dawn Zimmer not put the kibosh on it. Hoboken, already overcrowded and undersupplied with parking spaces, would have had to deal with 24-hourRead… Read more »

Webinar that is pertinent to nonprofits and governmental agencies: Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations/Funding

Join For The Charitable Community, Inc.’s ( January 26th, 10 a.m. (PST) Webinar on Building A Media Contact List. The webinar will cover all aspects of building a media contact list, developing effective media strategies, and gaining publicity for your nonprofit organization or governmental agency. It will feature an expert panel from the nonprofit sectorRead… Read more »