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Join us: Open Innovation Festival 2010 #oif2010

The Open Innovation Festival (OIF) will be held for the third time from 29 November until 3 December 2010. The festival aims to innovate the public domain in order to showcase how governmental organizations, the profit sector and knowledge institutions can cooperate. Furthermore, it aims at showing that by working together we will create a more effective, more efficient and better government. The central theme of OIF2010 is working in communities. OIF2010 intends to demonstrate that opening up yourself and your organization to creativity and expertise from others will add an extra dimension to your projects and your work. Also, OIF2010 will proof that another way of working could lead to results once considered impossible.

How to be part of the Open Innovation Festival

1. Join us on and become part of the Open Innovation movement: http://bit.ly/joinusoif2010
2. Organize a meeting or an event on open innovation within your organization (f.i. how your organization uses social media). If possible create a live-stream of our meeting/event, preferably in English

What else you need to know

  • We will form one single community that organizes #oif2010. We will use one logo, we will communicate through agreed upon channels and we will use one platform for our external communication (www.openinnovationfestival.com)
  • All oif2010 related sessions are freely accessible for the public (remember: no financial capital, only social capital)
  • In the weeks before oif2010 we will blog on www.openinnovationfestival.com. One contact person per organization will blog once every three weeks on the state of affairs of #oif2010 at their respective organization.

Participants, join us!
The municipalities of Eindhoven, Breda, Den Bosch, Veghel, Tilburg, Helmond, Hoorn, Nieuwegein, OVER-gemeenten, Aalsmeer, Almere, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Enschede, Groningen, Nijmegen, Heerlen, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Overijssel, Central Government, UWV, RBB-groep, participants in Helsinki, participants in Copenhagen and participants in Brussels.

Theme: Communities
The central theme of the Open Innovation Festival is working in communities. We have to cooperate in a different manner in order to cope with complex challenges. Governments should utilize the strength of communities to quickly establish intelligent innovations. In that proces, money should not be seen as the primary solution, finding the right expertise and talent should be. Nowadays, cooperation over the boundaries of organizations is crucial. The social internet (web 2.0) gives civil servants the opportunity to collaborate with citizens, entrepeneurs and knowledge institutions. During OIF2010 we will share knowledge and expertise and collaborate in communities to come up with new ideas and to find better solutions.

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