KDOT’s YouTube learning moment

I’ve been unabashed about the high points of KDOT’s social media operation, so it’s only fair that I note our missteps–like this one, cross-posted from K-TOC.

Here’s a link to KDOT’s informational video discussing the four proposed alternatives for Kansas passenger rail expansion detailed in the recently released AMTRAK study.

That’s the third iteration of the AMTRAK video to go up on our channel in less than a week. All of the changes have been to the voice-over track, which contained a couple of errors. We replaced the voice-over on Friday morning because I mispronounced “Arkansas City.” We replaced it again this morning to correct an error in likely train connections. The Friday correction did not affect any posted comments on the video page, but by this morning there were a couple of comments posted on the page. Those comments have been moved to the current page. As a consequence of the re-posts, we’ve lost about 100 video views.

This has been an educational experience. The mispronunciation indicates that we did an inadequate job of reviewing the original video upon completion. The connection error indicates that we did an inadequate job of reviewing the script prior to producing the video in the first place. We’re addressing both of those concerns.

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