Last Day of Voting for SxSW Panels

Today is the last day to vote for SXSW Panels on the panel picker. Your vote is considered for 30% of the panels and content at the Conference next Spring.

For a final push, I would like you all to consider, not only voting, but commenting on a panel I have proposed with @GovLoop founder Steve Ressler and myself. It is Gov 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and about community. We’re over 17,000 strong now on here and that is great.

Aside from my panel, I have listed another great government panel to consider. If you like, please add anymore government 2.0ish panels to the comments for others to vote on. Let’s support our community.

If you have not voted before, you need to quickly signup. Then you give a thumbs up and please leave a comment of your support. Commenting is stronger than just a thumbs up.

Should the government tweet?
Bev Godwin,, General Services Adminstration

Innovating Bureaucracy: Getting Government To Share
Andrea Baker, Navstar, Inc, with Steve Ressler, GovLoop

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