Lead or Lag

There are generational differences; therefore, recruitment strategy of the future will be and must be different. There will be a shortage of experienced workers as babyboomers will retire in large numbers. More than ever, organizations will need to rethink as to how to attract and retain knowlegable and experienced employees. I have addressed the importance of strategic recruitment strategies to attract and to retain the best and the brightest, high performing employees. Very recently, in my response to an article on a major social media network, I totally agree that attracting and retaining the best of talent through responding to their unique needs and requirements is one big step in having the talent organizations/senior leaders need for the future. I truly believe that understand generational differences will help organizations develop the right strategies for recruitment and retention of the right talents and act on these strategies before it is too late. It takes the right leadership to move the organization forward. Human Resources organizations have an important mission to fullfil. Who cares for the survival of your organization if leaders do not lead in this war on talents?

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