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I’ve taken the last two days off to spend with a good friend who needed someone to lean on, when was the last time you did the same? After all, we all need someone to lean on.

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Jenyfer Johnson

That’s really awesome!

My husband, also a govie, took off many days and hours to go to every appt, surgery, chemo and radiation treatment that I had when I was being treated for breast cancer in 2009. He was my primary caretaker and was always there when I needed him! I had lots of friends send cards, food and flowers as well…and everyone would stop by my desk as I worked through the treatments to constantly ask how I was doing. It really helped more than I can say in words!!!

Megan Price

It’s always nice to have friends that will “scratch your back” when you need it most. I spent the better part of 2009 taking care of my dad who is doing unbelievable great as we look to 2011 🙂

Heather Coleman

Timely post and great question. I delivered dinner last night to my neighbors who were in a serious car accident Thanksgiving day. Luckily they (including their 3 month only son) are OK, but the wife will need surgery to repair broken bones on the right side of her face. I was happy to help out, as did a couple other neighbors, by preparing or ordering food so they have one less thing to worry about right now.

I learned an important lesson a couple years ago (the hard way unfortunately) that sometimes it’s really important to slow down and ask for help. There is nothing wrong with that and you might be suprised by how many people around you are willing to lend a hand.

Shannon Donelson

That’s fantastic, Nick. Thanks for posting. I’ll never forget the times when my friends have neglected sleep to be there for me when I needed it. It’s just the best way you can show someone your love for them. Always be there when it’s needed the most.

Nicholas Charney

Thanks all for sharing your stories; nice knowing there are people out there in this sector that give a damn not only for their work, but for their friends.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Great post, Nick. This is really timely for me. I was just in Denver this week and I had a choice to schedule a couple more business-related meetings or to try and connect with some friends there…I decided to get together with friends and feel really fortunate that we were able to spend those (rare) moments together. Neither of us really needed someone to lean on right now…but it forged that stronger bond required for the trying times.