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Partners in Crime: Fostering Lasting Bonds with a Work Friend

Friend at work can be your sounding board when you need to vent, a beacon to help you reframe your negative thoughts, a cheerleader when you accomplish a goal, an ally when you need assistance, and a lifesaver when you really need one.

Building and Sustaining Teams

This week, I attended a 3-day federal supervisory/managerial training class on building and sustaining teams. Day 1 began with the facilitator explaining that we were to define our roles in teams behaviorally, by observable or measurable movement or activity.  In other words, we were to state the behaviors that we see exhibited in ourselves andRead… Read more »

In Praise Of Office Friendships

This infographic from OfficeVibe highlights statistics from several reports on friendship and employee engagement to come up with an unsurprising conclusion: we’re happier at work if we have friends there. Workdays seem shorter when we can take a break to laugh with a friend at the water cooler. The organization as a whole seems moreRead… Read more »


I’m not sure who got more out of our time together, Miguelito, my employees, or me. He was nine when I met him. Both of his parents were serious alcoholics. I was stationed overseas and living by myself in a modest two bedroom concrete house in the mountains. Miguelito (Spanish for “Little Michael”), like theRead… Read more »

Lean On Me

I’ve taken the last two days off to spend with a good friend who needed someone to lean on, when was the last time you did the same? After all, we all need someone to lean on. Original post