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Learning How To Fly

For as long as I can remember I have loved creative writing. I loved it because I knew that anything was possible. You can develop any character, create any setting, lead the characters down any path, and choose any number of events to unfold. You are permitted to develop your own rules outside of the possible or plausible constraints of physics, math, or science. You can develop the story at the pace you choose – covering years, centuries, or just microseconds. You can choose writing styles, and add in hidden meanings and rigid poetic structures. Or can change it all around on every page.

Similar to what you can do with a pen and paper, you can do with dreams. Just like creative writing I have always loved dreaming. When I was very young I had dreams where I was trying to learn how to fly. I remember how much faith that was required. I really needed to believe that anything was possible in my dream and that I would surely be able to fly. The other thing that I did in my dream, that was important to remember, was that I had to run and jump from the top of a set of stairs with obsolute certainty that I would not fall. On my first attempt I actually began to float a little as I descended down the staircase and landed softly on the bottom. The next night I tried again with a bit more success. And on the third evening my flying attempts became a “reality”. I still know today that I can fly and given the chance in my dreams again I would certainly do so. So, it took me a few night to do it but eventually I did fly in my dream. It took a level of consciousness that was difficult to maintain without waking up and I believe that is why I can’t do it anymore.

So how does this apply to Government? Well I believe that the principles that were so necessary to make my dreams come true are also important to help us accomplish the purposes of Government.

  1. Began your initiatives with an honest desire to do good
  2. Get yourself up on something high make a spectacle of yourself and take the first leap
  3. Believe in yourself and look for a small win
  4. Patiently keep working on it and make steady progress
  5. After you succeed, Share your story on GovLoop

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