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Learning is lovely: 12 days of Learning Pool gifts

Starting today, Thursday 1st December until Friday 16th December, we will be giving at least one gift a day away to members of the Learning Pool community as part of our annual 12 days of Christmas festivities.

We’re celebrating how lovely learning can be and giving away a range of free resources to help you motivate your public sector learners as well as providing a sneak peek at our forthcoming up-graded services.

The first gift is our brand new e-book, Learning is lovely: 101 inspirational learning quotations.

It can always be difficult to engage staff with training with many people feeling they already know the learning material they are being asked to engage with, are too old to gain new knowledge or simply don’t have time.

With quotes not only from scholars and philosophers but also actors, writers and musicians, there should be an inspirational quote most people can relate to.

The most interesting thing about the quotations is that no matter if it’s Socrates philosophising in the fifth century BC or Frank Zappa discussing education alongside his song lyrics, all these people recognise that:

  • You’re never too young or too old to gain new skills
  • We are being educated each and every day, whether we realise it or not
  • Knowledge is about admitting what you don’t know
  • You need to understand what you’re learning in order for it to matter

Why not incorporate some of the quotations into your next face to face training session or link to the e-book from your learning management systemso that learners can find inspiration before completing their online learning? We will be giving away loads of great gifts between now and Friday, 16 December so ensure you don’t miss out.
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