Length of Service Awards for Military Retirees in a Federal Position

I need to know if any Retired Veterans working for the Federal Service currently are recognized with a Lenght of Service Award from their Agencies that include ALL their retired Military time plus the time they have spent working for the Federal Government with any Agency. Thanks.

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Michael Potts

Deborah, Length of Service is the time period you have spent working for the Federal Government. You are supposed to be awarded for each 5 year time span you have worked for the FEDS. Since being in the Military only means you are working for a different Department (Department of the Navy or Department of Defense or whatever) you are still working for the Federal Government. That time spent in the Military should count toward your total Federal Working time if you are retired from the Military and start to work for the Feds. We are not talking time counted toward retirement or leave calculations which is different. We are only talking about being recognized for the total time we have spent working for Uncle Sam. I hope this explains things a little better. Have a nice week.