Let OMB Know What You Think About the FFR

Let OMB Know What You Think About the FFR

Do you have comments on the usefulness of the Federal Financial Report (SF-425), how it could be improved, other ways to collect the same information, or similar ideas about the collection of financial information? Well, OMB wants to hear from you.

In the July 28 Federal Register, OMB invited comments on the renewal of the SF-425. OMB is currently not planning to make any changes to the data collection form, but in the notice, it specifically said it was interested in receiving comments on:

“How the SF–425 and SF–425A are an improvement over the data collections they replaced (SF–269, SF–269A, SF–272, and SF–272A); how using a specification for a data exchange or other data model instead of structured forms could facilitate the submission and collection of the financial data identified in the SF–425 and SF–425A; and any proposals, use cases, specifications, or models for eliminating redundancies in reporting grant financial information and increasing its usefulness regardless of how the financial information is reported (form, data input, system-to-system, etc.).”

Comments are due September 26 and can be sent through www.regulations.gov. Click here to read the FR notice.

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