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FedConnects: Setting Aside Market Research Funds Can Help on a Rainy Day

Today, everyone from top CEOs to President Obama is talking about cutting back on spending and finding ways to “do more with less.” Unfortunately for marketers, this usually means budget cuts or even a full on slashing of your budget. So if you desperately need your next campaign or rebrand to provide the most bangRead… Read more »

6 Top Qualities Of A Great Trainer

Kelly Prince is the Senior Instructional Designer at Management Concepts, which does most of their business with the federal government. In this interview, Kelly gives advice and tidbits to enhance your personal training techniques and shares the top qualities of a great trainer. Q. What are some of the top qualities every trainer should have?Read… Read more »

“It Finally Hit Me — I Have to Learn All-New Skills” – Mark Leheney

It was a pleasant lunch. As usual in this business, the conversation was around leadership, organizations and culture. The point was made for the umpteenth time in my life that the federal government often promotes people into supervisory positions who are very skilled technically, but not very good in managing people. I invoked one ofRead… Read more »

What’s the Future of Grants Management?

Yesterday, a House subcommittee held hearings on “Improving Oversight and Accountability in Federal Grant Programs.” Officials from OMB, GAO, federal agencies, and the private sector all testified. And while (in my opinion) there was not a lot of new information or new ideas, the fact that Congress is now paying more attention to grants managementRead… Read more »

More Transparency, More Reporting?

It seems it is not a matter of whether, but when, the federal government will impose new reporting requirements on recipients of federal financial assistance. On the same day, President Obama issued a new executive order on the matter while a key member of Congress introduced legislation that could have a drastic impact on grantsRead… Read more »

A Check-In on Check-Offs – Mark Leheney

What’s not to like about a check-off? You know, that feeling you get when something is finished and with a satisfied stroke of the pen, you draw a checkmark through that empty box that you drew just so you could put the checkmark through it. The check-off is particularly satisfying for those whose last letterRead… Read more »

Kitchen (and Other) Nightmares – Mark Leheney

In the embarrassing-admissions department, I have to confess I sometimes watch Kitchen Nightmares, that show in which the acerbic Gordon Ramsay (poster child for Thinking versus Feeling in the MBTI) shreds a failing restaurant along the way to rebuilding it into something successful. The predictable sequence is: Gordon enters the disaster zone, dissects what isRead… Read more »