Letting the cat out of the bag – I’ve joined Delib Australia

I’ve finally been able to let the cat out of the bag today and publicly announce my primary post public sector project.

I have been officially appointed the Managing Director for Delib Australia (and are a shareholder too). So, effective immediately, I will be working full-time with Delib in the UK and with associates and partners in Australia and New Zealand to grow and support Delib’s footprint in our region.

For those who don’t know them, Delib is a digital democracy company that builts online tools to help
governments and other organisations consult and engage their citizens,
communities and stakeholders.

The UK company has been operating for over
ten years and has worked closely with both the UK and US governments.

More information is available in our media release at the Delib blog.

Delib has a strong commitment to digital democracy and is committed to supporting the Gov 2.0 and open government community, which aligns neatly with my own goals in this area.

As such you can expect my blog to continue to be commercial free, focused on Gov 2.0, social media and open government musings from me and selected guest bloggers.

In fact, I’m about to start a project of redeveloping my blog to better expose some of the resources and tools it contains – with the support of Pia Waugh.

Hopefully this will improve my blog’s usefulness and provide more opportunities for me to demonstrate how to walk the Gov 2.0 walk.

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