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Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Conf – Dr. Linton Wells II, leadership and security

Dr. Linton Wells II, Distinguished Research Professor and Force Transformation Chair, NDU

The #1 issue for leaders is this: Empower your organization to act responsibly in the social media / social networking world.

There is always going to be risk. Go ahead and figure out the risk categories:
What is only okay for inside the firewall?
What is only okay for outside the firewall?
What is okay across the board, across the firewall?
What is never okay to do, say, share?

Bridging the digital divide is crucial. Look at the book “Boomers and Bloggers” to understand more about this.
As leaders, we need to innovate, set the standards, push the envelope appropriately, and take advantage of the power, reach and benefits of social networking.

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