Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Conf – Paul Huang, FEMA

Leadership: Listen, collaborate, build a team.
Trust, Commit, Be accountable, pay attention to results, don’t be afraid of conflict (based on Patrick Lencioni)

Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, Planning) Vision — gather and deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to actions that reduce risk to life and property.

We’re using Web 2.0 to transform the way we are working for more effective, efficient service, planning and action.
Our flood map modernization has gone from paper to digital, with intensely usable 3-D digital data. Huge, powerful, great difference.

Difference between pre- and post-Web 2.0 — Collaboration, transparency, documentation, buy-in, cost savings, not bound by time or travel constraints. We’re using Grapevine, a crowd-sourcing tool, which really empowers collaboration and idea-sharing. (Grapevine is via Accenture, a contractor helping FEMA)

We use wikis for a lot of our developmental and process work, including developing standards. We have created a faster, more effective standards document with more buy-in now — because we used the Web 2.0 tools.

Risks with collaboration in a Web 2.0 world:
Change management
Losing the one-on-one touch “Walking the halls”
Reading Faces “Emotionless text”
Federal Cybersecurity Rules

But benefits are worth it!
Mitigate against risks with your leadership, standard protocols, intelligent practices.

Paul Huang, FEMA: Leaders listen, collaborate, build a team, act, innovate, take responsibility for results. #pfgov #gov20

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