Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Leadership, Collaboration & Public Engagement Symposium in Washington, DC.

Over the next two days, I’ll be live-blogging the Symposium, of which GovLoop is a sponsor. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Potomac Forum (conference producer) or GovLoop, except as a rank-and-file member of GovLoop.

Gov2.0 best practices from ADM Thad Allen, USCG
ADM Allen:
Starting paying attention in the 1980s. Started understanding the power of networks of knowledge. Realized that the more useful information was out there, the more my team would be empowered to act quickly and efficiently without unnecessary delays.

Q: USDA: We’re trying to set up our best practices. Can you share some of your guidelines with us? Have you looked at Second Life at all?
A: ALLEN: Our guidelines and regs are online. I’ll send you the links. I actually have a second life account; I’m curious and wondering how we can use it operationally — i.e., can we use it to prepare for search and rescue missions?

Q: Recruiter: Are you planning to use social media as more of a recruitment tool?
A: Yes, we are. We’re debuting the “born ready” logo this weekend with some interactive, social media and other venues.

Q: DeCA: We’re trying to set all of our policies, looking for manpower and capacity, how can you advise us?
A: There is NO BARRIER TO ENTRY on the web. Anyone with a computer or digital devise in a web-enabled coffee-shop can do it. We did a big remote data feed to the public this summer from the Arctic on climate change. Hugely important for us and the public. It was 2 men (I was one), 2 Macs, 2 iPhones, 1 high-def digital camera. We blogged, tweeted, uploaded photos and videos. We also have 3 FTEs dedicated to monitoring and responding. ALSO: We need to be using wikis.

Q: EPA: I’m a tech leader at EPA and the proud father of a USCG sailor. How would you advise us to become entrenched in the culture of social media?
A: Your younger employees have already flattened your organization with social media, and you may not know it. I recommend as much transparency and public discussion of this issues and your needs as is appropriate with security and confidentiality. You need to be outfront talking about this.

Q: Is social media seen as more than a tech issue, maybe a human resources issue?
A: We’re going to have transform the way we handle communication. The requirements of our new generations are going to impact MWR. Maybe we set up kiosks for personal use that aren’t on the dot-mil domains… For people under 30 (and many people over 30!) internet access is a part of their healthy morale, welfare and recreation. We need to meet the needs of our people and our public, and social networks are part of their and our needs.

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Dave Haft

Leadership in DoD said they didn’t want to create flat organization. There’s a reason to have 20 bosses between a new recruit and the top brass. My thoughts: they don’t know what’s coming!