LIVE Web Channels for Federal Agencies

In case you haven’t seen it, Government Executive just launched customized web channels for over 40 federal agencies. Each channel provides a live view into the breaking news, analysis and social media chatter about the agency happening at any moment across the Web.

So, with one click, you can access a live dashboard for your agency showing:
• Streaming news and analysis about your agency from Gov Exec and Nextgov as well as hundreds of sources from around the web, including the NY Times, CNN, Federal Times, etc.
• Live Twitter tracking—aggregating all of the Tweets about your agency
• The latest news videos featuring your agency
• The latest Wikipedia entries referencing your agency

Check out your agency’s channel at:

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Will Colston

I think if you take a look you will see that this is really a different animal. FedScoop does not aggregate by agency at all – they just post links to the headlines from selected publications on one site. GovFresh only aggregates limited news sources and tweets. News by Agency pulls ALL tweets about a given agency and scans hundreds of news sources. Most importantly, however, News by Agency prioritizes the content so that the most relevant items are featured so feds can scan the top headlines for their agency if they are short on time – no other site does that. Feds can also go as deep as they want to see all the chatter happening about their agency on the Web.