Liveblogging: Awards Presentations, CFC

Today, I had the privilege of attending the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFC) 2011 Finale and Awards Program so to liveblog for GovLoop. The event acknowledged the achievements of various government agencies in raising funds for charities.

As a side note, I unfortunately did miss the reasoning for a couple of award winners, if you could fill in the blanks feel free to write it in the comments section and I will gladly add it.

The campaign contest winners are listed below, in the categories of small (S), medium (M), and large (L) agencies and departments:

Best Poster or Display

S – US Army, Office of the Surgeon General

M – Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services

L – Air Force National Capital Area

Best Photography and Use of Images

S – US Army, Office of the Surgeon General

M – Social Security Administration: Created a photo journal showing the work of SSA employees who supported the CFC.

L – Food and Drug Administration: Captured moments through every event, rain or shine, that heightened awareness for the campaign.

L – National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health: Used the double helix to create a memorable image in support of the campaign.

Best Campaign Writing or Publication

S – Tax Division, Department of Justice: Solicited original recipes to create a cookbook which they sold in order to raise funds.

M – Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services: Promoted activities with their biweekly newsletter.

L – National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health: Their newsletter has over 20,000 readers, which they used to place articles raising awareness of the campaign.

Best Website or Electronic Communication

S – Department of Agriculture, Risk Management Agency Headquarters: Circulated a weekly observer newsletter, which included a note from the head of the agency, highlighting how she benefited from charity and the importance of giving.

M – Federal Housing and Finance Agency: Used email and its internet page to inform employees about the CFC, and the homepage was used to advertise the campaign.

L – Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Office of Science, US Department of Energy: Created a website that solicited pledges online, increasing online pledges by 70%.

Best Special Event

S – Broadcasting Board of Governors, International Broadcasting Bureau/Voice of America: Make giving fashionable by hosting a near capacity fashion show in a 200 seat auditorium.

M – Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services: Hosted a Family Feud with commercial breaks for CFC charities.

L – Defense Intelligence Agency: Hosted the Pledge is Right competition.

Best Overall Communications Program

S – Farm Credit Administration: Had a homepage which presented a variety of media to demonstrate the importance of the CFC.

M – Federal Housing Finance Agency

L – Central Intelligence Agency: “showcase the leaders”, patreus served as campaign chairman to show the importance, his speech highlighted the importance of the campaign allowing the CIA to reach 112% of its goal

Best Executive and Leadership Involvement

S – CG-4

M –Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services

L – US Coast Guard: Senior leadership reached out to staff to best identify teams for CFC, insuring that great teams were in place when the campaign began.

Most innovative campaign technique award

S – Farm Credit Administration: Gave people an opportunity at the kickoff event they hosted to remind people of the impact that the CFC has.

M – Defense Advanced Research Projects: Used the upcoming Olympics to stage its own games for agencies to win bragging rights and raise funds.

L – National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health: Challenged colleagues to a photo contest demonstrating how the NIH contributes charitably to their communities.

Hero of the Year

Civilian – Edward Gingold, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Gingold was campaign manager for eight year running, and his agency has a participation rate of 63%.

Uniformed – Lieutenant Commander Michael Edwards, US Coast Guard: Led the Coast Guard to a successful 2011, when contributions were 140% over their goal. He is also, as troop leader for the Boy Scouts of America, a leader in his community.

Best Public Service Announcement

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: “Hope is the greatest gift of all” video

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement: “Thank you” video

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