Liveblogging: Dr. Brandon Haller, Opening Remarks, Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFC)

Today, I had the privilege of attending the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFC) 2011 Finale and Awards Program so to liveblog for GovLoop. The event acknowledged the achievements of various government agencies in raising funds for charities.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Brandon Haller, the Local Federal Coordinating Committee Chairperson who works at the US Government Accountability Office, welcomed us to the event, acknowledging all of the federal workers who have made these events possible. All of the federal workers today have come together to celebrate the charitable work of government agencies and kind donations of those who work in them. Federal workers commitment to the CFC allows others to gain hope and opportunities that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. He went on to note the young people coming into government with knowledge of social media who are bringing something new to government, and helping expand awareness of these events. Haller recognized the Department of Defense, which was very successful in raising money, having raised $16 million. He also recognized the members of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee, whose hard work helps organize and set up these events. The CFC, since 1961, has raised $7 billion dollars in charity, which went to support both our next door neighbors and fellow global citizens.

Haller then invited Chris Williams (Voluntary Campaign Management Office, US Department of Defense), Vince Micone (LFCC Vice Chair, US Department of Homeland Security), and Virginia Lum (LFCC General Counsel, US Department of Justice) to the stage to assist him in giving out awards. They started by having workers from all of the departments which won the Summit Award, that goes to departments and agencies increasing donations by 3% or more, stand. The same was asked by those working in departments that won the Million Dollar Circle Award, which is given to agencies that raised $1 million or more the past year. Then, workers from agencies that won the Participation Achievement Award took a stand, which was given to those increasing new donors by 2% or more. Finally, the e-Giving Award winners were acknowledged, going to agencies and departments which increased paperless donations to the program.

That concluded the opening remarks by Dr. Haller.

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