Living on Lilypads!?

Japanese scientists, engineers and financiers have already charted their course and set sail on the botanical city. Forget about that tall building in Dubai, and picture a 3,330 ft. tower and a vertical farm (complete with cornfields and a livestock ranch) floating on a concrete lilypad in the middle of the ocean.

By the year 2025 Shimz corporation predicts they will have all the necessary technology and will begin building – as long as they have identified a patch of calm, equatorial ocean. Each floating city will power (solar) and feed itself, providing a carbonneutral habitat for 50,000 people. Hopes are to string each of these man-made lilypad islands together.

I know it seems unbelievable, but check it out for yourself! 15 years to “break ground” on your new pad….

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Arvind Nigam

In fact most that we see in sci-fi movies reflects the inherent and dreamy ambition of a race called HUMANS. Bloody humans. lol. We have Oblong Industries trying to do the Minority report act, Sixth Sense on Gestures, Japs on human-expression robots… what not. Can you imagine where we would be in next 10 years!