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Daedalus, a cyber-attack alert visualization system (incredible video)

Daedalus is a cyber-attack alert system developed by the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). It provides awe-inspiring visualizations of cyber information. Security professionals will be quick to remind us that any visualization is only as good as the data that feeds it, but this visualization is so cool you have toRead… Read more »

Fujisawa City became the second Android City in Japan

Open Embedded Software Foundation(OESF) announced that Fujisawa City which is facing the Pacific Ocean with 400,000 citizens joined the Android City Initiative in Japan on 16th September. OSEF is planning to improve UI on Android software with the incorporated foundation in Fujisawa, Shonan Living Lab. Through those activities, they will empower the community and createRead… Read more »

Impacts of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on Government Contracting

Authored by GovWin’s Sean Tucker The earthquake and tsunami that hit the Northeast coast of Japan on Friday have created a humanitarian crisis of global proportions. It touches everything, including the government contracting industry. U.S. contractors are struggling to contact Japanese employees and partners, and are mobilizing to help in any way they can. Employees,Read… Read more »

Energy Melt Down – Should the U.S. Review our Nuclear Regs??

The recent events in Japan, and the subsequent danger looming from a possible nuclear melt down have some U.S. lawmakers calling for a review of regulations in the U.S. This coming on the heels of 20 proposed new U.S. nuclear power plants that are awaiting approval, following a 30 year lull in new construction afterRead… Read more »

Living on Lilypads!?

Japanese scientists, engineers and financiers have already charted their course and set sail on the botanical city. Forget about that tall building in Dubai, and picture a 3,330 ft. tower and a vertical farm (complete with cornfields and a livestock ranch) floating on a concrete lilypad in the middle of the ocean. By the yearRead… Read more »

Renewable Energy Laws Spur Global Investment

I’ve noticed that momentous changes to the rules by which we all live and work often start out on the frontiers, then flow back inward. New ways of doing old business, new industries, even shifts in societal and family rules are often hatched out of necessity by out-there, pragmatic pioneers who seek a better way,Read… Read more »