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Looking for senior leadership topics to be discussed at upcoming conference

Hello all,

First off, let me say how great the NGG Summit was – excellent networking opportunity!

Now to the matter at hand – I would greatly appreciate feedback as to hot topics that would be appropriate for an upcoming senior leadership conference I am putting together.

Brief background – the group is from an Army installation and consists of both Army and Civilian leaders. The installation is one focused on national intelligence and acts as a federal campus of sorts. These conferences are held semi-annually and previous conference discussed items such as: Lean Six Sigma, Metric Building, Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, Time Management, and the Abilene Paradox (dealing with groupthink).

Thank you in advance for your feedback! Also, anyone involved with strategic planning – lets link up because that is what I do and sharing our ideas and best practices could be beneficial to both of us.

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Warren Master

Given your audience, I would suggest linking 2 challenges: 1) aligning agency training with priority mission and management improvement goals – including appropriate budget support and involvement and tasking of T&D team, and 2) assuring collaboration & performance accountability of all major contributors to strategic outcomes – intra- and inter-agency, inter-governmental, public-private, etc. Warren Master, Editor-in-Chief, The Public Manager (http://www.thepublicmanager.org).