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Looking into my cup of tainted coffee

I noticed that some leaders want to blame others for what they are not doing on the job. The problem is leadership lacks corporate social responsibility (CSR). Who would have thought that leaders do not want to look at the problems within an organization and explore ways to fix those issues. The problem is some are all talk and no action, but are the first to point those fingers to the employees, a union, or the media. It is ashamed that leaders will not address the issues because they do not want to offend someone who maybe a friend of a relative, in-law, or a high school buddy. Lets face it – when will the problems be addressed? Never if they can help it because it will be less paperwork that they would have to review and having a sense of relief when leaders do not have to fire the culprits behind the problems at the workplace. Some leaders do not care if they ruin a business’ reputation and emptying its wallet when the lawsuits come piling in. The lawsuits are created because employers refuse to hear the problems that employees may have with management, employees, or HR. Once the problems excel, the employees are running to the nearest civil rights attorney to file a lawsuit against the company. Employees file lawsuits because employers fail to hear about the problems that they are facing on the job. Sexual harassment, racial discrimination, workplace bullying, and whistleblowing are some of the reasons that employees would information the employers about. No one in their right state of mind would want to go to work just to be abused by someone else, and if this is the case, the person should seek some kind of counseling.

Some leaders need to stop trying to please certain people because these people did not care when they cost the company thousands to billions of dollars in lawsuits. These people are LIABILITIES in the worst way and no one wants a company to loose money. If an employee is going to treat another employee with disrespect and abusive behavior, the employee should lose his or her job. No one should give him or her a promotion or a medal for the abnormal behavior. Leader should try to cut out the cancer that is growing within the walls of the company so that things can be saved and people can receive proper training.

Sometimes, leaders are afraid of a little truth because they have closed their eyes and ears to the reality of what the company is facing.

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