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Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicles to Go Electric

America’s armed forces are certainly taking renewable energy seriously. From the development of new fuels to the integration of solar photovoltaics into units serving in war zones, the various branches of the military are embracing renewable energy technology, often while simultaneously testing its limits.

Recently, we read about another green government project going on within the armed services, this time the Air Force. It seems that the Los Angeles Air Force Base is set to become the first federal facility to have its entire fleet of vehicles comprised of EVs. The development of the electric vehicle fleet at Los Angeles Air Force Base will serve as a model for future EV expansion.

Though the total number of vehicles to be replaced isn’t huge – 40 in total – the real value of the initiative will come from the fact that the types of vehicles to be replaced will range from “passenger sedans to two-ton trucks and shuttle buses.” You can read more about the project at the Air Force website.

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