Loss of Trust and the Role of Government

A record 84 percent of Americans say they disapprove of the way the Congress is doing its job compared with just 13 percent who approve of how things are going, according to a Washington Post/ABC News public opinion poll published on Monday.Research has shown that a primary reason for low approval ratings is that most Americans do not think that Congress, as it operates now, is competent! Trusting a person, organization or institution requires that we think they care capable of delivering. Since republicans and democrats have fundamentally failed to agree on a common view of the role of the federal government, they have no platform from which to govern as a collective. After 9/11 we were all Americans, one tribe. Now we are multiple waring tribes who tear each other down in the hopes of gaining advantage. Time for an independent party where reason and collaboration prevail? We need systemic reform – term limits, money out of politics, a consensus on a vision of the role of federal and state government. Time to stop lamenting the loss of trust and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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