Message from Honorary Chair, Secretary Arne Duncan


Dear Fellow Federal Employees:

This year marks a historic milestone. Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy established the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to help people in local communities, across the nation, and around the world. It is my profound pleasure to serve as National Honorary Chair of the 50th anniversary campaign. Never has the purpose of the CFC been more apparent or more important.

I invite every Federal employee to participate as generously as possible in this year’s campaign. Since 1961, Federal employees have raised nearly $7 billion. This staggering generosity has cured diseases, fed the hungry, housed the homeless, and served countless other life-changing needs. The response from the Federal workforce is a deeply moving display of compassion and generosity.

I have witnessed firsthand the dramatic changes that happen when communities in need receive the resources necessary to overcome great challenges. I have seen a child smile at reading a first sentence. I have seen pride restored to families able to once again provide for themselves and the relieved faces of disaster victims sheltered when they thought all hope was lost. The kindness of the Federal workforce touches virtually every community, every state, every country, and every continent. Together, we are restoring hope.

Throughout the 50th Combined Federal Campaign, you will hear more stories like these−of lives changed by the CFC, some within our own Federal community. I urge you to listen to these voices, to attend campaign events, to learn about the charities the CFC supports, and to give to the causes you support most passionately. No gift is too small. Every gift matters.

As we begin a new year of the CFC, I thank all Federal employees for their kindness over the past 50 years, and I look forward to leading this year’s Combined Federal Campaign, the first in a new half-century of generosity. Please join me and make a gift today.


Arne Duncan

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