Message from the Smithsonian Secretary: 2010 Combined Federal Campaign

Dear Colleagues,

Once again, we have an opportunity to give back to the community through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This year’s CFC theme is the Compassion of Individuals and the Power of Community. It emphasizes how this large collective effort by the federal workforce ensures our donations will have greater impact on the quality of life for our chosen recipients.

The 2010 CFC for the Smithsonian Institution begins October 7 and continues through December 15. The Smithsonian’s financial goal this year is $485,000. Last year we raised more than $476,000 for the CFC. Although we are continuing to experience challenging economic conditions, I am confident we will be able to meet or exceed our 2010 goal.

The CFC makes it easy to participate through payroll deductions, check or cash. Information on the campaign and a list of charities are available at

I am grateful to Ann Speyer, our Chief Information Officer, who has agreed to serve as the Institution’s vice chair. Ann and I will kick off this year’s campaign on Thursday, October 7, at 9:30 a.m. in NMAI’s Rasmuson Theater. I hope you can join us.


Wayne Clough


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