Messages in a bottle?

How many of our messages are sent out in a bottle?

We write our message stick it in a container and throw it out onto the sea of the internet.

At some point the bottle knocks up against some foriegn shore, gets picked up and someone reads the message.

What happens if it landed on the wrong shore? Or it arrives on a desert island? The bottle leaks and the message gets blurred? Or the bottle breaks?

Damm, bit of a shame really.

What if we could go around and find all our bottles and see where they landed, track back and see how they got there?

What if we could attach a GPS to the bottle and see when it was going off track.

Next time we might not even bother throwing out the bottle we might get in a rowing boat and hand deliver the message.

So what do I want to be a bottle thrower or a hand deliverer?

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Jeff Ribeira

Interesting analogy you’ve got going here, Nick. I think it’s a pretty accurate summation of the way information moves around the web. The internet is still very much one giant open forum, and being such, who knows where the things we post or write could potentially end up. I’d add one more element to go along with your analogy: Pirates! They’re out there intercepting content whether our message is in a bottle or a boat. Risky business, the internet.