Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

As I type in the dark at 1:16 EST, there may be some typos. I am
watching InSync and the Jacksons performance from the Michael Jackson
30th Anniversary Celebration, I see a wealth of lessons here. Let’s start with the Jacksons performance of “I want you back” with the same energy, skill, togetherness, and joy as when they performed on the Ed Sullivan show in the 1970’s. Then turn around and perform with InSync who, if they were born they certainly were just getting started in the world.

How did they do it? The tag words Participation, Collaboration, Sustainability, Practice, Dedication, add some more descriptors, let’s throw in some emotions….

Then there are Liza and Liz, friends…..

There some life lessons and lessons that can be applied to the career path that we have chosen ( or in some cases chosen for us).

I have to ponder on the lessons more deeply later. MJ is performing Beat It.

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