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Do Great Things: Turning Passion and Purpose into Greatness

Although few of us will ever receive prestigious awards for our work, we can make our daily tasks great by doing them with great passion, focus and a sense of purpose. Doing our work as if we were producing the world’s next great product, innovation or solution elevates its meaning and importance, gives it a… Read more »

Combating Erosion of Trust AFTER the Government Shutdown

This weeks post was written by How Gov Leads author Amber Hansen. Read more about trust and leadership in the government at We’ll continue our series on Trust for two more weeks. With the government shutdown in its third week reopen, I keep finding myself thinking about the conflict government employees must experience inRead… Read more »

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

As I type in the dark at 1:16 EST, there may be some typos. I am watching InSync and the Jacksons performance from the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration, I see a wealth of lessons here. Let’s start with the Jacksons performance of “I want you back” with the same energy, skill, togetherness, and joyRead… Read more »