Microsoft FutureFed: Who will be the new Federal CTO?

The speculation is heating up about who President-elect Obama will choose for the nation’s first federal chief technology officer, particularly since it looks like one of the frontrunners – Julius Genachowski – has been nominated to be Obama’s FCC chairman.

That leaves other close insiders as strong potential candidates for the post. Persons like Vivek Kundra, currently DC’s CTO, or perhaps senior Industry executive that is serving on the Presidential Transition staff.

Regardless, the person chosen as CTO will fill a vital role of ensuring that the right infrastructure is in place to “open up” government to the people and engage them while being transparent and maximizing efficiencies.

No small task, and we believe that the CTO also will need to look beyond the basics to create a national technology strategy to engage citizens as full participants with Government.

Who do you think Obama will appoint?

This blog post comes from Microsoft FutureFed and was written by Carolyn Brubaker-Microsoft Director of Business Development for the Civilian Government Business.

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